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Sporting Clays:
Sporting Clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting, often described as "golf with a shotgun" because a typical course includes from 10 to 17 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Sporting clays simulates the unpredictability of live-quarry shooting, offering a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes.  With always changing shooting scenarios, our spacious 100 round Sporting Clays field will keep you on top of your shooting game.
100 Bird Course
$30.00 Members - 100 Bird Sporting Clays
$40.00 Non-Members - 100 Bird Sporting Clays

50 Bird Course

$15.00 Members - 50 Bird Sporting Clays
$20.00 Non-Members  - 50 Bird Sporting Clay
Shooting starts promptly on Saturday's at 9:30 am

ATVs and Golf Carts are welcomed!

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